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When will i ever beable to get virgin media broadband at my house!!!

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I have been trying for some time to get virgin broadband at my property since i moved house in 2016 having always been a virgin media customer at the time i didnt want to move to another provider. However due to the house i moved into it wasnt available however the frustrating issue i have and what confuses me still to this day is that all surrounding streets can get full virgin broadband services.

I had once spotted a virgin engineer in the street nearby doing some work who then brought to his supervisors attention who came and did a check and said they would easily beable to run the cable to the house and that they would get someone to call me....this never happened. 

Tried to chase further but you just get no response from anyone until i got some feedback on the forum back in 2018 to say that it wouldnt be available in my area yet.  now that it is 4 years later i want to ask the question again. What do i need to do to get virgin media broadband added to our street, especially when an engineer has checked and confirmed it is possible. I have attached the photos of my area with Yellow lines indicating the surrounding houses that currently get full virgin indicating where the virgin engineers were working....and brown line inidcating the path to my house where the direction cable would run. My house being indicated with the RED icon. Postcode is OL7 9BG






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Looks like a private road with no footpaths or service strip in front of each house, so there would need to be a wayleave agreement in place for the property owners as well as the landowner of the communal areas. Very unlikely to happen to connect eight houses.

Your best hope will be that Openreach upgrade your area to FTTP, and/or a provider using the existing BT ducting comes along such as CityFibre.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 123349.png

Interesting...thanks for providing me with more detail on what could be the problem.  Any ideas on who would have to attain this "wayleave agreement", is it something that gets triggered from virgins side or is it like you say because of the amount of houses it concerns it would just be of no interest of virgin to get us as customers. 

Myself and my immediate neighbours are all the homeowners where on the deeds we each own section of the road up to the point of our car parking spaces.

They are leasehold properties with the freehold owner being a large firm that you typically have to apply to to just get signifiant changes done to your property i.e extensions.


really dont want to just really on bt as seems like its never going to happen at the rate its going at.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I think you will have an uphill battle to get anything done to resolve this. While you have been told the route is feasable, the budget for Virgin to connect one customer equates to digging about 7 to 10 metres of tarmac. For that reason it would only be cost effective for Virgin if everyone in your road signed up.

Secondly, you are in an area served by HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) connections. The cabinet at the end of your street may not have allowed for expansion to your road if it was built after around 1990, when the area network was built. If there is no capacity, Virgin would have to install Fibre-to-Home overbuild specifically for your road, which would push the cost up considerably.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there pmarshy1985,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Regarding this I wouldn't be able to guarantee that we can service the area however I've dropped you a PM so this can be passed on to the necessary team for review.

The message will appear within the purple envelope icon.



Thanks for your cooperaton over PM pmarshy1985,

Them details have now been sent off for you where our team will respond.

Kind regards,