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When is fault in East London going to be fixed

On our wavelength

There has been no internet of tv service in my area of east london for 5 days.

Recorded messages aren't even bothering to give a date or time for when it will be fixed.

In this day and age shouldn't you be able to offer a substitute service until whatever is broken in mended.

This isn't just inconvenient but for instance so much of using the NHS is based on having internet acess, and for all a know an appointment may have been made for me.

Let alone missing keepping up with a favourite tv series.

You really need to look at providing a reliable service because in 21st centruy having no internet is like all the roads and buses disappear.

very very peed off.

And I wont be able to see an reply as my local library is not open tomorrow so not able to view forum


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi hackneyuser, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the service, can you confirm how things are looking at the moment as the fix time has passed?


Up to speed

Hi Hackneyuser,

Virgin Media are a truly awful company to rely on. They're more interested in fobbing you off even when it's counterproductive for them too. It's just part of their company culture.

You need to get the official complaints procedure started as soon as possible so you can escalate to the ombudsman after 2 months. Talking to customer support is a waste of time, deal with the whole issue as a complaint, and keep a record day by day so you can prepare a document for the Ombudsman.

Here's the Virgin Complaints webform: (Make sure you take a screenshot before you hit "send", and every time they mark the issue as "resolved" make sure you reply to say it's not resolved and you're not satisfied until everything is fixed and you have your refund).

Make a complaint to OfCom too while you're at it:

2 months of Virgin fobbing you off and you can escalate to the Ombudsman, that's the first time they'll actually shift themselves and maybe offer you something.

Broadband went down overnight 20/21 Nov. At 9pm 21 Nov still without service. Had six "updates" each saying something different. End result - zero confidence in VM. Current best estimate 10am 22 Nov. Not holding my breath!