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What ducting do I need for a new self-build home

Hello. We are building a new self-build home, we currently have an empty building plot and our builder is about to start digging the foundations, the house should be finished in 9-12 months.

I would like to know what ducting our builder should provide to bring Virgin Media cables from the pavement to us under our front garden. We would like the Virgin Media box to be in a cupboard inside the house where the cables would terminate, rather than having the box outside on an external wall. Can someone advise me? Thank you,

Andrew 🤓

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Re: What ducting do I need for a new self-build home

Hi @brysonandy 

Have you considered having a site survey from us?

This way we will be able to come along to the property and provide you with the information which are requesting.




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Re: What ducting do I need for a new self-build home

Considering the people who lay the cables are not virgin employees (they contract local companies such as Kier), that might be a challenge. That's why one company runs the cable upto the property and VM themselves then take the cable inside the property. It would also mean replacing the cable would be a challenge as they would again need access to the interior of the property.

If you don't want the external box on the wall, perhaps you could offer a box sunk into the floor which you can terminate into? You would want to ensure this box would be at least water proof or could self-drain and be close to the property wall.

Perhaps a site survey would be best?


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Re: What ducting do I need for a new self-build home


You can get an outline idea of the information which VM provides housing developers with in the VM new-build handbook

Since your project is a one-off though, I would have thought your requirements might be quite site-specific, not least of which might be where specifically to bring your new duct to at your property boundary so as to be easily able to connect to VM's own infrastructure.

I am assuming that the site survey offered by @Christy_D in #2 above is the kind often mentioned on here at a cost of £240 but which might give you the necessary information to install the duct on your site to VM's requirements.