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What does installation involve?

After years of being told by Virgin Media they would not be installing to my house even though they supply to neighbours 20 metres away, suddenly I got a phone call saying they could connect me!  An engineer came out for a brief chat and said that they would use the BT ducts and it would be fine.  I have an install date booked. 

Now, today one of the neighbours, who were in the same position as us, have been told by contractors employed by Virgin that they STILL cannot have Virgin as another neighbour will not give permission to access a box on their land.

Am I now back to the same position as before?

Are Virgin going to need to dig up a neighbour's garden?  Could the cable route to house be different?  We are both at the end of a cul-de-sac.

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Re: What does installation involve?

Almost all of VM's cables are run through their ducts but in a few cases since 2019 VM has instead utilised Openreach's ducts and poles for fibre to the premises.

VM is not permitted to dig up a neighbour's garden for your installation without a wayleave.

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