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What a horrible experience!

I ordered broadband back in December and installation was due today. 2 engineers came out and told me there is no cabling so they cant do anything, this was after I had challenged him on wearing a mask as they insisted they didn't have to.

Anyway, the main issue here was why I wasn't told about them being unable to install the services before today? I called Virgin and got put through to the pre-installation team. Wow, the customer experience went from poor to shambolic. The lady (assuming some offshore call handler) had absolutely no sense of what the issue was. She kept saying the installation is rebooked without acknowledging there is no cabling. Clueless! I tried to explain to her my concern around the same thing happening again on the rebooked appointment and why I wasn't made aware of the cabling issue in the first place! She couldn't answer me and I asked to be put through to a supervisor, after waiting on hold for over an hour I just got fed up and hung up.

Tried to call in to cancel it all together but was on hold for another hour before deciding to not waste my time with them anymore. Will be calling first thing tomorrow and ensuring my family and friends avoid Virgin.


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