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Waiting for replacement router…

Hi, this is going to be a long one.


Dec 13th- was meant to receive my router. No text from yodel and no delivery even though I’ve been waiting in the flat whole day.


Dec 14th- tried to call Yodel but it’s all automated and couldn’t get through to speak to anyone. Called Virgin and they explained due to the storm,Yodel is experiencing delays. She also told me their system on Virgin says it has already been DELIVERED TO ME WHEN IT HASN’T! I don’t know how long the delay will be so opted to collect router myself from Livingstone depot. Received confirmation email from yodel saying parcel should be ready to collect between 16th-23rd.


Dec 16th- Went to depot to collect, and was turned away and told to come back next week as parcel still not ready to collect.


Dec 20th- been checking tracking ID of parcel everyday on yodel since 16th. The day of collection updates to later and later. I can’t drive out 20 minutes to depot everyday to check ! At this point, I have a feeling they’ve lost the parcel and don’t know where it is so I decided to call Virgin to arrange for replacement box.

Lady I spoke to from Virgin said she’s filled in a request form to be sent up to higher ups so a replacement box can be sent out.


Dec 22nd- got no update or tracking for replacement box so phoned Virgin again. Was on the phone for total 1 hour- cut off twice and passed on to 5 different people. No one had a blooming clue of what i was talking about! Finally, the 5th person I got transferred to finally said there was no request form sent. 🤣🤣🤣 So basically, if I hadn’t called, I would still be sitting here like a dummy waiting for this “replacement box”. She made another request form . Was also told Virgin activated the cable in my flat when I’ve not even received the router and they shouldn’t have done that! I asked how long this whole authorisation will take. She told me it shouldn’t be too long and said if it goes through she’ll call me back within the hour. Got no call back that evening so I take it she hasn’t heard back.


Dec 23rd- called Virgin again as I didn’t hear back from the lady from last night. Spoke to a guy this time and I asked to be compensated for the delay. The guy had the guts to say“No, you don’t get compensation because you missed the delivery.” Never wanted to bang my head off the wall so badly 😡 I was close to tears at this point! Had to bite my tongue and calmly explain to him that “No, I did not miss the delivery. The parcel was not delivered and I was present in the flat all day.” He said he’ll speak to his manager and call me back. He calls back a couple hours later and said they’ll compensate me £20 off my monthly bill. And I will get email from virgin of updates with my situation.


To this day, still no emails or texts or anything!!!


Virgin please please just send me my router as I’m just so sick of chasing. It shouldn’t be this difficult.


Had to fork out extra £20 for an add-on to my Three phone bill just so I have enough data to use in the flat 😭


Can someone please tell me how long this whole “authorisation from higher ups” will take for replacement box??


Thanks and appreciate any advice.



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Re: Waiting for replacement router…

Hi Ctang

Sorry to hear about the above issues 
I am more than happy to take a look at this for you 
I will need to send you a private message to pass security 
If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great 

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