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Waiting 2 months for installation

Joining in

Why does it take so long for external works to be completed? Been waiting ages and have no internet to the property at all so in desperate need for a quick resolution 


Alessandro Volta

If you live on a main road and the box is across the street but there is an obstruction underground between the box and your side of the road then that could well feature as a reason for your delay. Traffic management, permission to work and the necessary resources for the work would all add to the costs. I am guessing at a possible reason, of course.

If VM was a normal company, with normal work methods and normal communication channels then you might reasonably expect to get a clear explanation of what the problem is and how long it will take to deal with. Unfortunately ...

Well, finally got a response from virgin. Received a non serve email saying they cant install. How ridiculous, got to be the worst ISP I have ever encountered.

Alessandro Volta

That's disappointing, but at least now you can calculate how much compensation you are owed - from the first promised installation date until 30 days after today. VM are unlikely to pay you the correct amount straight off so you must be ready to show how much you are expecting. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Sincere apologies for the delays Stevieb88,

Did our team give a reason for as to why we couldn't install?