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VirginMedia saying address not serviceable for wrong reason

Previous VM customer, but couldn't get VM when I moved.

When I found out neighbours had it, I queried why my house was un-serviceable and was told that it was because I was down a shared driveway - only that is incorrect, I do NOT have a shared driveway. Sales have tried a few times to fill out the forms to correct it and have a Spotter re-assess, and on the last time for the Spotter just to talk to me, but I'm told it keeps coming back as unserviceable because of a shared driveway.

Sales say they don't know what else to do, Customer Services were as helpful as they could be but in the end had to admit defeat as well. Spoke to Engineering but apparently I shouldn't have (policy), but actually they were super helpful and with the caveat that they didn't know specifics couldn't think of a reason from the description as to why the address would be unserviceable, but they also aren't allowed to speak to the Spotters. Customer Relations were very much unable to help (interesting call....) and wanted to pass me to Sales. 

I seem to be stuck in a loop falling between the systems in place. I've seen some people have managed to talk to a Local Area Manager, or the Spotter. But despite them trying really hard and totally understanding the frustration, neither Sales or Customer Services can think of any other ways to help resolve this apparently internal VM issue that prevents me either connecting or having a valid reason why my house isn't serviceable.

Has anyone been caught in a similar loop? How did you find someone to help?  Are there any VM staff on here who know what I should do next?

Thanks in advance

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Re: VirginMedia saying address not serviceable for wrong reason

Hi there

Happy to take a look for you, I'll send over a private message to take a few details.



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