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VirginMedia installation delayed for 14 days

We’ve recently moved house in the UK and we called VirginMedia to have our internet transferred to our new address. They said that an engineer has to come and install our new router so this was scheduled two days later which we were fine with.

The day after the call, they called us again asking if anyone in our household had coronavirus. The answer was yes and they said we had to wait for 14 days to have it installed. Our issue was, the people who tested positive for coronavirus had already tested negative months ago and none of us no longer have the virus. We have our test results to prove that. But they said they’re just following their protocol. I don’t think it’s fair for us to wait 14 days without internet when the monthly payment is still ongoing specially when the wait is unnecessary.

We understand the precaution they’re trying to take, we really do. If they want, we could all wear masks during their visit or even distance ourselves but I feel like the 14 days wait is unwarranted for and it may sound petty because it’s just internet, but we’re paying for service that we can’t use for two weeks and that’s what frustrates me.

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