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Virgin "Quick" Start and Yodel (Rant Incoming)

What a bunch of clowns!  So, ordered a (not so) Quick Start kit on the 29th and given a delivery of 4th Dec.

Having posted here  Christy_D tried to find what had happened but it appeared that neither Virgin or Yodel had any evidence of a package or tracking number.The option now was to phone customer services 😞 

Two hours later and nobody knows where the install kit is. I ask the service agent (Grace, who was quite helpful), that I'd like to file a complaint. So she went off and consulted her line manager and then asked what could be done to resolve the issue.

Well, the equipment I ordered to enable me to view your services for a start and a days lost wages at the very least! She came back with an offer of £10 and to close out the complaint!!

Sorry, no, I respectfully decline your offer. Lets see if we can locate the kit to view the services for which I am now paying for but not receiving. Ok she says, a manager will call me Saturday (today) to discuss. We'll see...

Suddenly a text message arrives at 5pm yesterday (the 4th) to say Sorry for delay etc. delivery now on the 8th.

This morning another text! Sorry for delay etc. delivery now on the 9th!!

Well, it's back to NOWTV, if anything turns up on the 9th I'll be surprised


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