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Virgin nightmare re: pre-installation

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Can anyone help me through a nightmare of a situation with VM? 

I was pushed back from a mid-July install date to a mid-August date so that they could pre-install as Virgin hadn't been at the property beforehand. Frustrating, but OK I get they need road permits etc.

As it turns out, they got the permits v. quickly and did part 1 of the pre-install. The pre-installers (Kelly Communications) dug up some of the road outside my property but said they weren't there to do that part of the pre-install from the road to the side of my house and someone would come separately. 

As my mid-August date starts looming (on Friday), I have rung up Virgin about 10+ times to check there is someone coming to finish the pre-install given it hasn't been done yet and Friday is soon upon us. On no less than 3 occassions in the last 10 days I've been told that pre-installers were coming on the same day to finish the job, each of which turned out to be a complete fabrication and they haven't turned up. 

They sent a site surveyor this morning who turned up and said it probably now wouldn't be enough time to do a pre-installation before Friday and lo and behold I got a subsequent text message saying that they have moved my installation date until end of August now because they haven't done the pre-installation. This despite my 10+ calls to various call centres of various levels of understanding of English to get the pre-installation done in time.

Does anyone know what to do besides cancelling and going elsewhere? The phone lines go through to foreign call centres who don't speak great English and then seemingly just lie to me about the status; the retentions team can't deal with me because my account isn't live; there is seemingly nothing that I can do to fix or figure out the status of the situation (they claim they can't just ring the pre-installers (presumably Kelly) to figure out the status or when the pre-installation will be, and so I assume I will be in the same situation come end of August and be going through this nightmare for years to come). 

Help from VM officials or others most welcome as otherwise I'm going to have to go elsewhere for my broadband and will have wasted two or three months on Virgin...


Alessandro Volta

Yours is a regular story of failure and bungling incompetence which, unfortunately, is reported on a near-daily basis on here.

The way VM has set up its sub-contracting arrangements for cable installations seems to be that, once the job has been allocated to the sub-contractor, VM has no direct control or influence on how/when/if the job is carried out. When you call VM for information, the call handler is doing nothing more than reading the date showing on the screen in front of them. They have obviously been told to reassure the customer the date is valid as it is often quoted on here that the call handler will 'guarantee' the next date, only for the customer to find nothing happens on said date.

I don't think any reliable methods to speed up or change the process have been posted on here. All you can do is wait and keep very detailed records of all VM's failures, delays and false promises as you will be entitled to compensation for the delay.

Keeping evidence of the 'date initially confirmed in writing' when VM said they would 'activate' your service is important as that would be when any compensation starts from (para 9 below)

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @thtg47,

Sorry to hear hat the issue with your installation has been ongoing and is not yet resolved, I would like to be able to look into this with you, for me to do so I will need to confirm some information from you in a quick private message. If you have not used this service before you can access it via the envelope at the top of your screen.


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I’m going through the same thing. Dates continually moved and unable to actually speak to anyone at Virgin who attempts to understand or even care

Hey @kennycampbell7,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post. 

Sorry to hear you are having this issue with your installation, I would like to look into this with you to provide you any updates I can, to do so I will need to have a quick chat with you via a private message.


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Going though the same here. Been waiting two months with dates pushed around all the time. Even when I do speak to someone from virgin media they just send out a site surveyor. Last guy who came was really confused why he was there since they had told him to install the cable.

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Just to give people an update so they can make their mind up before buying services from VM, but I’m now onto my 5th postponement. About on a 3 or 4 weekly basis I get a call from VM saying that they’ve had to postpone my install another month but that it will definitely be next time, and then of course they just postpone me after the next 3 or 4 weeks saying they haven’t done the pre-installation works yet. Absolute jokers and no-one seems to care or understand what the problem is - please don’t anyone waste their time with VM…