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Virgin media services installation = no access point

Joining in

Hiya, So today my Virgin media installation was supposed to happen, after it being delayed 4 or 5 times waiting for the "outside works" to be completed but let's go from the beginning 

On 22nd of May I contacted virgin media via twitter to see if they could make my address serviceable because the line for the cables (or something) ended literally next-door and i was hoping they could extend it or something, I was then told to submit a form on the website, which I did and then the next day I got a call from virgin media to discuss it, they said that "it looks like the box is right outside so we should be easily able to do that we'll call you back in 48hrs once ur address is connected to [insert whatever it was]" so 2 days later they called me back, and talked me through the package and stuff and set-up the pre-contract agreement. The package in Question I went for was the £85 VOLT ultimate bundle (£60 VM, £25 O2), so Gigafibre broadband, TV box with all sports HD and cinema HD package, phone line and O2 sim, because it was better value then what i was currently on (which was EE 4G mobile broadband and an unlimited everything EE sim only contact, which ended in March)

Now the O2 side of the plan went smoothly, I was just on a rolling monthly thing with EE so I was able to cancel that and switch to O2 sim as soon as it arrived and I've had no issues since with O2 


Virgin media however, im about to cancel my pre-contract agreement with them and put in a complaint because they've completely taken the mickey and messed me about 


So the original installation date was June 14th, then 7 days before that, I got an email saying it needed to be delayed followed by text with the "details" saying new installation date was 28th of June, then 2 days before that one another delay till 13th July, followed by another delay to 31st July, then delayed AGAIN until September 1st, the reason for all the delays were "outside/external works needed" when the delay until September 1st happened I put in an official complaint with virgin media (which strangely can't be found on My account) and had various phone calls with pre-install and customer service over the month, then yesterday (31st August) the pre-install team called me to confirm the installation appointment, so I'm thinking "great the outside works have been completed my services will be installed" yeahhh... I thought wrong, the pre-install comex team came (to do the cabling I presume) and discovered that there was no access point, there was a LOC that stopped next door and basically said "yeah there's nothing we can do" (I wanna point out the comex guys that came out were fine, it's obviously not their fault) but basically the outside works hadn't been completed and there's no way Currently It can be installed 


As I'm Currently writing this post the technician called me to say he was 10mins away, (it appears the teams had no communication with each other because nobody told him about it not being possible until I did, but he said he'd still come, discuss the thing, then speak to his manager and let me know, which I'm Currently waiting for)

Right now I'm almost 100% going to cancel my pre-contract agreement which I should be able to because the contract is none-void as they're unable to provide the services..


The technician spoke to his manager and he is chasing it up, and guna confirm that it is unserviceable and they'll close the agreement and installation etc so that's that hopefully sorted

My main question is where do I stand in terms of getting compensation for all this, am I eligible to some form of compensation, how would I go about trying to get that and who do I speak to for that 

I dont know if its relevant but just incase i should probably add that I have ADHD and autism (Aspergers) as well as high level of anxiety, and as I presume it would be for anyone the whole process (especially the recent events) have been very stressful 😂


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Itzfergi76

Thanks for taking the time to post here, welcome to the Community Forums.

I am terribly sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had up to now with your Pre Installation journey, I can completely appreciate your frustrations with everything that's happened.

We can certainly take a look into this for you as due to the fact that the property is unserviceable, we may need to look at credits on an individual basis.

I've popped you over a private message so I can take your details and look into this with you 📩