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Virgin media installation

Joining in

Hi all,
I moved to a new apartment 2 days ago and I'm having issues installing my virgin media setup.
I called VM and they said the line is active and most likely it's the wall socket that is not theirs so it doesn't work.

I only live in the uk for 2 years and in my country it's quite simplier as they all use rj plug.
Before moving I asked VM what to do and they said that I only have to take my hardware and cable to the new house plug it and it will work but it doesnt.

I booked an appointment with VM for an engineer and he will come friday but I would like to find a solution earlier as I work from home and a week without internet is far from ideal.

If you guys could help me on what to do/what to buy to make it work on my own it would be great

wall outsidewall outsidegrey box outside, black cable comes out of this boxgrey box outside, black cable comes out of this boxinsideinsideIMG_0973.JPEGanother plug, tv?another plug, tv?everything I haveeverything I have


Fibre optic

Neither of those are Virgin Media outlets.

In the final photo there is a white cable on the left - where does this go?

it's the heater.

Great, what should I do? I looked all around the flat and I only found a BT outlet similar to the openreach one

Thanks for the responses Dalex04,

There doesn't seem to be an outlet from the images that you've provided, we may need to book an appointment for this.

I've dropped you a PM so we can discuss further.

The message will appear in the purple envelope icon.