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Virgin media coax cable no longer used

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I had my house refurbished and my electrician extended a virgin media coax cable through the ceiling to the outside of the property ready for equipment installation. Virgin media installer turned up and said he couldn’t use the cable as virgin media now extend fibre optic only inside the house and none of the new equipment works on the old cable either. He searched his van for old equipment that he could potentially use but didn’t find any. He said the only option I have now is for him to drill the new fibre optic cable through the wall into the property. The problem I have is all the cables I need to connect directly into the router (CCTV, Wi-Fi boosters, CAT6 for other TVs in the house) are run through a central wall in my living room. This means a new fibre optic cable would have to be drilled through an external wall and run across the ceiling to reach the central wall which will look terrible after all the refurbishment works and painting I’ve had done on the house that was designed to hide all cables. 

The installer said virgin media have discontinued all old equipment that could be set up with the coax cable and sourcing them now is only possible if an installer happens to still have spares in their van. This seems very silly, what about all the people that already have the old cables going through their house? They all have to have new exposed cables drilled and extended through internally? Are virgin media not offering any practical solution for this?


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Very Insightful Person

Simple answer is it was too much trouble for him to renew all your cabling, which is what he would have to do.

95% of Virgin cabling is coaxial & will continue to be for some time. Use of your own cabling is against T&Cs as unless the correct triple screened cable is used it can cause noise ingress that disrupts services for you & other people in the segment. Full Fibre internal cabling is only currently being installed in a handful of small trial areas.

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The installer had the fibre optic cable in his hand. He said the switch to fibre optic cabling was done last November and it is now virign media’s policy to use fibre optic all the way to the router. He wanted to extend the internal cabling but it was me who told him not to as I don’t want an exposed cable running internally. I don’t think he told me what he did out of laziness to avoid doing the work 

We are an VM RFoG area, what is described differs from our installation.

The fibre terminates in an Omni box (containing an ONT) on the outside of the front of the house & from there it is coax to the Hub / TV kit.

Below shows how the fibre (yellow) terminates on the ONT & transfer to coax (black) :


Can I ask when you had your equipment installed please?

Our VM network and kit was installed late 2017.

The question of not using coax is what caught my attention as coax is needed for the internet Hubs (3/4/5) or the current VM TV kit.

Alessandro Volta

it all sounds like rubbish - its certainly true that they wont use customer installed coax but from there it does not sound right

when was the original install 

post some photos of the external box preferably with the cover removed


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@Ozonechristine wrote:

The installer had the fibre optic cable in his hand. He said the switch to fibre optic cabling was done last November and it is now virign media’s policy to use fibre optic all the way to the router.

VM does now run fibre internally but you cannot run fibre to a router as it must terminate at an ONT. This can be quite helpful in some properties where the ONT and hub are co-located in a comms cupboard.

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This is what my box looks like currently, black wire on the right is the cable my electrician extended



A white Omni box with a spool of fibre.

But for the colour it is identical to the brown Omni box in our installation.

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