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Virgin media are scammers

Joining in

A salesman quickly rang me bk as order did t complete online so the package I'm trying to order full package free tv salesman couldn't see it his end so he signed me up tto package below and explained he will charge it in due course when he comes to find it, that's 1st scam, next no welcome emails, intact not even order email we'll quick set up box arrives, can't connect box, no quick set up that it stats so on the customer service line and can't access my. Account as ie no account number,  can't register online as don't know account number even area code so nothing solved that way, few weeks pass and I've had to try make a new order in a new email to get an engineer out but to my amazement ii see engineer arrive on my cctv do a walk off the bottom floor flats then jump back in his van, I sent my son down for him to be told nope we didn't answer so he's cancelled and will re schedule not Once did he come knock my door,, and. U won't believe me but u know he still sat outside my for half hour. Unbelievable. Uuld think what more could one company do but yep 2. Months later I finally receive a email from virgin to my inbox that. Haven't received one email before this and yep. To my surprise its a bill, with area code, account. Number finally can log in and get this sorted you'll think nope cuz I've not had one day if virgin media broadband connection working yet I've rreecieved. Over £100 bill my account been suspended.. so this is relating tto l


Alessandro Volta

Sorry but that's very difficult to understand.

Are you just complaining about the poor service {which is quite understandable}, or do you still have a problem? 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.