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Virgin delayed installation - appointment disappeared with no communication?

Tuning in


Please can somebody help me.

I originally ordered virgin broadband on the 25th May 23 and was given an installation date of the 7th of June.

On the 6th June, I received an email saying that external works were done and installation was on track.. however then received an email moving my installation appointment to the 21st of July.

So a few days before this appointment, it disappeared entirely from the app. I received no communication as to why this had happened. I then contacted customer service, keep in mind I had contacted customer service multiple times by this point and had got nowhere with them. Customer service said not to worry, and booked an installation appointment for yesterday (24th July). However I was concerned as it was labelled as a fault appointment and not installation appointment in the app. 

I was in all day and nobody turned up for this appointment. Another day off work wasted. 

Now, I have no upcoming appointments. No contact at all from Virgin as to what is going on. When I try and raise a complaint on the website it says my account is disconnected so I'm unable to do so!?! Every time I talk to customer service on the phone or whatsapp messenger I get absolutely nowhere and still have no had any explanation as to what is going on.

Please can somebody help me or can this be escalated? I have never experienced such poor service. I really need broadband as it is leading to a significant loss of earnings, and yet I can't even get an answer as to what is going on. I even signed up again in the hope that a new installation appointment would appear on my app.

Please help. 


Totally understand why you are skeptical. Naively, I thought everyone could get decent broadband regardless of location. But I actually live in a major city. However, it is in a large period property about 100m from a main road which I assume is the problem. As I said in another comment, I can see that some of my immediate neighbors do have virgin wifi. In future I'll be organising wifi before I move!

Tuning in

A warning to anybody considering using Virgin who might happen to stumble across this page...

The Virgin team member who contacted me above contacted me to inform me my property has been marked as unserviceable. There may be an understandable and fair reason behind this, so that's not the problem. The problem is that Virgin wasted months of my time, multiple days off work with appointments that never occurred. Hours upon hours on the phone with useless customer service representatives who never mentioned this. Whenever my property was marked as unserviceable, this was never mentioned to me. I mean ZERO communication. More days off work wasted waiting for appointments, more hours on the phone. Still I am yet to receive any communication as to why, or even confirmation of the unserviceable status, other than the private message I have received from posting on this forum. Oh, and might I add that they even sent me an email that all external works had been performed and my installation was on track!

Totally unacceptable, and I will be pursuing with the industry regulator. I am not some kind of miserable and bitter Karen, you would have to experience the service I have from Virgin to understand just how poor it has been. Anybody with an IQ above 50 can see that Virgin customer service is intentionally bad by design, to make it impossible to communicate and complain. Totally despicable company and I will never be using their services again and warning others about them. 

I have literally just experienced this same farcical mess. Missed appointments, useless engineers on my ring camera scratching their heads. Zero communication, uncontactable. I'm taking solace in the fact they have been so utterly useless & I'm relieved to not give them a penny of my money.

Hey dandeadman, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am really sorry to hear about this.

We are so sorry everything didn't go to plan and we hope one day you may try us again.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the day. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Let me add that in a further blunder by Virgin, they sent an engineer out to install my services despite me being marked as unserviceable. He explained that the reason I cannot have services installed is due to the height/build of the property and that though my neighbors have Virgin it will not be possible in my property. Totally contradictory to what I was told by customer service representatives here and on the phone that there is supposedly 'no demand for services in my area'. 

Can I add that the forum representative who messaged me from here, Joe, spoke to me in a tone of annoyance. As if I am somehow to blame for the failures of this company that I experienced. He basically outright accused me of lying and being wrong and showed annoyance in his communications. 

Totally agree Dan. I am so relieved not to give this company a penny of my money. I will be warning others against them and pursuing this with the industry regulator. I'm not some kind of sad bitter person who loves to cause misery to customer service staff... but the service I have received from Virgin is absolutely appalling. We shall see what OFCOM have to say about this predicament. 

Hi Adam9883322,

Thanks for your update about your predicament, we are sorry that you feel so frustrated at the situation 😥 

We can see Joe is still working with you within a private message, if you feel you do not agree with the information he has given then you can follow our Complaints Code of Practice.

However, we can see that he is trying to help you as much as possible and he will respond to you as soon as he is back on shift. 

We have not seen anything within his messages to you that would make us think he was being accusatory, he is just sticking to the facts of the situation whilst trying to give you the best help possible. 

Please continue to work with him in order to get this situation either resolved or escalated if you feel the need to take this further due to the installation situation. 

Thank you.


‘We are sorry you feel so frustrated at the situation’ is akin to an abusive relationship where the abuser says ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’. No accountability on your part whatsoever for the failings which I have experienced. 

Virgin media’s concept of ‘facts’ is extremely different to the dictionary definition of the word facts it would seem! Unless your dictionary says ‘totally contradictory pieces of information that were made up on the spot’.

OFCOM will deal with my complaint. I have zero desire to continue communication with Virgin media representatives beyond this point.