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Virgin delayed installation - appointment disappeared with no communication?

Tuning in


Please can somebody help me.

I originally ordered virgin broadband on the 25th May 23 and was given an installation date of the 7th of June.

On the 6th June, I received an email saying that external works were done and installation was on track.. however then received an email moving my installation appointment to the 21st of July.

So a few days before this appointment, it disappeared entirely from the app. I received no communication as to why this had happened. I then contacted customer service, keep in mind I had contacted customer service multiple times by this point and had got nowhere with them. Customer service said not to worry, and booked an installation appointment for yesterday (24th July). However I was concerned as it was labelled as a fault appointment and not installation appointment in the app. 

I was in all day and nobody turned up for this appointment. Another day off work wasted. 

Now, I have no upcoming appointments. No contact at all from Virgin as to what is going on. When I try and raise a complaint on the website it says my account is disconnected so I'm unable to do so!?! Every time I talk to customer service on the phone or whatsapp messenger I get absolutely nowhere and still have no had any explanation as to what is going on.

Please can somebody help me or can this be escalated? I have never experienced such poor service. I really need broadband as it is leading to a significant loss of earnings, and yet I can't even get an answer as to what is going on. I even signed up again in the hope that a new installation appointment would appear on my app.

Please help. 


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Tuning in

A warning to anybody considering using Virgin who might happen to stumble across this page...

The Virgin team member who contacted me above contacted me to inform me my property has been marked as unserviceable. There may be an understandable and fair reason behind this, so that's not the problem. The problem is that Virgin wasted months of my time, multiple days off work with appointments that never occurred. Hours upon hours on the phone with useless customer service representatives who never mentioned this. Whenever my property was marked as unserviceable, this was never mentioned to me. I mean ZERO communication. More days off work wasted waiting for appointments, more hours on the phone. Still I am yet to receive any communication as to why, or even confirmation of the unserviceable status, other than the private message I have received from posting on this forum. Oh, and might I add that they even sent me an email that all external works had been performed and my installation was on track!

Totally unacceptable, and I will be pursuing with the industry regulator. I am not some kind of miserable and bitter Karen, you would have to experience the service I have from Virgin to understand just how poor it has been. Anybody with an IQ above 50 can see that Virgin customer service is intentionally bad by design, to make it impossible to communicate and complain. Totally despicable company and I will never be using their services again and warning others about them. 

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Alessandro Volta

There are hundreds of similar past stories on this forum, unfortunately. If you read through them you will get a feel for how VM's bungling installation processes operate.

The phone number for installations is the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734. However, you will not get any information from them that is truly trustworthy or reliable. This is due to the way VM has outsourced its installation work to sub-contractors. Once VM has allocated the work to the contractor, VM seems to have little/no ability to track the job or influence how the work is carried out when described in topics on here. When you call the pre-installation team, a common word which keeps cropping up on here is that they will 'guarantee' you that the work will happen on the next scheduled date but the reality is they are simply reading a date from a screen in front of them and they have no ability to guarantee anything.

If you have not done so already, read the compensation scheme and updated rates links below

Keep detailed records as you go along of all interactions and comm's with VM (dates, times, calls, messages, chats, failed visits, no-shows etc.). An important date to capture a record of is 'the date initially confirmed in writing' when VM advised they would activate your service (para 9 in the OFCOM doc above).

Past topics on here describe a range of dodges and excuses which VM uses to avoid paying the full amount of compensation which is why keeping records is important.

In the meantime you should probably think about your backup plan for a connection while you wait for VM to complete your installation (such as a data SIM or mobile hotspot on a rolling monthly contract etc.)

Alessandro Volta

see what staff say when they get to the thread but its likely to be lots of apologies and a contact number - in other words not much help 

when things go wrong with an install the teddy is very quickly out of the cot - departments dont talk to each other - outside contractors are a law unto themselves and certainly dont pass info back to VM so you have to sit and wait until someone gets it sorted - dates from the abortion that is offshore CS are as useful as 6 numbers i can give you for this weeks lottery - in fact my 6 numbers are more likely to be of use - they simply make them up to get you off the phone and close the call as solved

so a few things for you to do

look at other providers on a temp or permanent basis - it looks like you are going to need something - if you are in a decent 5G area then 3 do mobile BB for £25 a month on a 30 day contract - i use it and get 400 down 50 up - even on 4G its usable

open a complaint - will do the sum of sod all but you will need it going forward - they are likely to close it - lose it or fob you off - all thats ok

keep records of whats happened - you are due compensation of just less that £6 a day from 7th June and £30 for the missed appointment on the 24th July - they will huff and puff when it comes to paying it but no matter thats where the complaint you raised is needed - if its ongoing when you are installed then ask for it to be closed and ask for a deadlock letter - see what the offer to pay in compensation - dont be fobbed off with rubbish offers or they cant afford it - if you dont get the full amount reject it and go to arbitration - if you do that add another £100 for all the hassle

and finally dont cancel the install even if you decide to go elsewhere let them install and cancel in the first 14 days - calculate your compensation and demand it as a cheque


Sacked VIP

Thanks for your response goslow,

I missed out some information from my original post as there is so much that has happened it's hard to keep track. Believe it or not, I've spoken with customer service I would estimate 8-10 times and the previous 3 times on each occasion they told me 'I can see external work is being carried out today, so we cannot book a new installation appointment until this has been completed. Please contact customer services again tomorrow'. The first time I believed this response, however after being told this 3 times now I suspect it's completely fabricated!


If Virgin staff see this before responding, please do not provide me with a contact number. I have called the contact number 10+ times and I'm yet to receive one satisfactory answer. Please escalate this issue to somebody who can provide a genuine answer.

Thanks for your response Tony, totally agree it is blaringly obvious there is no internal communication at Virgin. One customer service representative promised all my concerns and queries had been noted in the system and I will hear back now that the issue has been escalated. Of course, this never happened. And this was weeks ago and I have had multiple conversations with customer service in the meantime. 

It won't even allow me to raise a complaint as it states that my account is disconnected! I tried to complain via the live chat, but was stuck in a continuous sign in loop even though I was signed in. 

I have never experienced customer service like this. I suspect it is intentionally bad by design. I have a busy schedule and don't have time to spend 1+ hours on the phone every day with Virgin. 

I have no faith the services will be installed at this point. I am baffled as to why the appointment disappeared from the app with zero communication as to why. Another day off work wasted, and as I've had to use hotspotting in the meantime my phone bill is off the charts though I have now just had to upgrade to unlimited data as I frequently work from home.

What a horrible company. I would go elsewhere, but they are the only broadband provider who will (supposedly) service my property. I can see Virgin wifi's (and only Virgin wifi's) available on my devices so I assume the infrastructure exists.

No faith this is going to be resolved but let's see what happens.

Thanks Tony. 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @adam9883322,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

I can only apologise for the service you have received so far from us, I would like to look into this for you and hopefully provide you with some more information on why your installation is being delayed, so that I can do this I will need to confirm some information with you in a quick private message. If you have not used this feature before you can access it via the envelope at the top of your screen.


Alas the real issue is, as Tony has alluded to, that because of the way VM have deliberately organised their setup, there simply isn’t anyone, anyone at all at VM who can provide you with a definitive answer; no-one from the CEO downwards, literally knows nor has any ability to find out! Odd, I agree, but it is what it is!

Up to speed

On just on another matter, I do find it hard to believe that VM are the only broadband provider who can service your property. The only ‘fast’ one, maybe, but not the only option. Surely a (slower) connection from BT or even a 4G or 5G connection is better than a ‘fast’ but non-existent VM connection?


Rejected by all other major providers, bar BT, who said they can provide maximum download speeds of 1mb/s. I will be using the internet for work and gaming so this isn’t sufficient. Talktalk offered similar. Every other provider rejected me. Believe me, I checked!

Where on earth do you live? I’ve been at place in the middle of the Northumberland countryside with faster connections than that!