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Virgin Media - when does it go from breach of contract to complete ineptitude?

Joining in

Morning all

posting as the 3 previous times I’ve posted here I’ve actually had some really useful feedback.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

1) previously moved to ultimate volt package in Feb 2023, upgraded to 1 gig, it turned out that it was never activated for 4 months and we were still on 200mb but paying for the faster speed.

2) Netflix is a free part of the package, free as in zero cost. Yet EVERY month we get charged around £12 a month too much, spend an hour or 2 on the phone then receive a credit the following month - this is every month where we’re promised it wouldn’t happen again

3) our 2nd v6 box needed replacing, it was delivered and installed, On Demand on the 2nd box wasn’t working in any way on the 2nd box for 3 months. No compensation.

4) engineer booked to fix on demand and collect old v6 box, took day of work, lost a few hundred quid, no engineer, no phone call or email to say we’re not coming. Another week with no on demand


At what point are VM in breach of the contract so I can leave with no charges and go to a supplier who may actually have the bare minimum level of technical knowledge or systems to deliver what I’m paying for ?




Alessandro Volta

Have you put in a formal complaint to VM with a view to escalating to arbitration?

Most likely a pointless exercise but a required first step before escalating to arbitration for third party adjudication

Missed visits without 24 hours notice are covered by the auto compensation scheme

as is a total loss of service on phone and/or broadband. TV is not covered by the auto comp scheme.

From VM's T&Cs

Your rights under Consumer Law and Regulation
– See Section R14
• You also have rights and remedies that apply in addition to any of the rights we give you under this contract. Some of these rights are contained in the Consumer Rights Act 2015. For example, under that Act if we have not exercised reasonable care and skill in providing the services to you or where the goods or digital content provided to you are faulty or do not match their description, then you have the right to ask us to fix a problem (where this is possible) or to receive a reduction in price.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Jamesthecatx1,

Thanks for your post and a warm welcome back to the community.

Sincere apologies for any issues faced with your package, just regarding the package speed, does MyVM now state the correct speed?

Also with Netflix, has the team placed a recurring credit to cover the cost as of yet?