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Virgin Media not available on my street but my entire town has it

On our wavelength

I am approaching the 5 year mark since me (and my neighbours) initially registered for the cable my street programme for virgin media services. We have not been given any notice at all which I find frustrating. 

I have checked the virgin media availability (as well as walking around the street checking the virgin media street furniture (cabinets) to further my personal investigation with virgin media services) and we are the only street without these services. This is outrageous as Virgin Media is very fast and reliable with their services and we have been isolated from them. Our street was built in 2001 (before Virgin Media was installed) and there have been other streets that have been built after Virgin Media services have been instlaled, yet they are also connected to the network. 

To further my frustation, openreach are unable to provide us with FTTP and our VDSL connections  are rubbish at ~30mbps being the average on my street (this is because our closest cabinet is not close or efficient for high speed broadband because of the line length).

The only way that we will be able to get high speed broadband any time soon is with the installation of Virgin Media Services, if anyone has contact with the people that install the Virgin Media Services, could they please point them in the direction of considering installing their services in my area, it's not even a difficult job as there is a big Cabinet (not the sub ones that are scattered down the streets) at the bottom of the street so it would not be difficult to tunnel cables to the residents of my street.



On our wavelength

There's no way you can persuade Virgin to install your road if they've already looked at it and decided not to. They are a US owned company that's only interested in the bottom line and they won't do anything that won't bring them a profit pretty quickly.  You'll just have to wait for openreach to upgrade to FTTP.