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Virgin Media not available at my address

Tuning in


I'm moving to a new house and hoping to sign up for Virigin Media internet. The online checker says my postcode isn't covered although a building just 150m away is. 

Can someone get in touch to confirm if the checker is wrong and it is possible to install ? 




Are any of those little access caps outside your house ?

When we moved to our current address we were one of 5 houses out of about 20,000 that were not covered by VM.

Five years later the pavement was dug up and here we are.

Tuning in

No, I don't believe so.

Alessandro Volta

It may be possible for VM to send a spotter to check the location. But the chances are not good if they would have to dig up 150m of pavement and then run the cable to your house. They have a fixed budget for installations and this may be too much.

How much further away is the street cabinet? There may be too much signal loss in the total length. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.


For us, from registering an interest (the day we moved in) to the installation was around 4.5-5 years.

Not sure about how it all works regarding capacity/cost, the green box isn't far away and from what I saw there were conduits from the end of our road to the green box already for the surrounding houses.

They only had to channel about 50m to provide access to potentially 5 new customers.

Unfortunately, the access was presented to the wrong side of the houses, the caps are on the left, and access to where all the other services enter the house is on the right. I did mention it to the guys digging the road very optimistically as I knew at that point they wouldn't be able to just change the position.

When we had our installation they used the neighbouring access cap to avoid having to dig up the length of our driveway and then cable around the house.

Unfortunately, the bit where the engineer said "We won't cross the corner of their garden, we can bring it in through yours" turned out to be a white lie, after the soil settled we saw our green conduit appear in their flower beds. Luckily we're on good terms with them and they've not complained, but if they ever move I'd be concerned about new neighbours accidentally putting a spade through it.

Sorry, I guess my point is if you are a fresh install keep an eye on things as it's easy to not get things right.


I guess it'll have to be Starlink then!

at least it has a cool name 🙂