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Virgin Media broadband installation in new block of flats


I've just moved into my new flat in Bedford, Bedfordshire and was planning to have Virgin installed.

The flats were recently turned into flats after the building was used for something else prior and it seems Virgin were capable of supplying to building before as the building itself was on Virgin's system.

I arranged an install but the engineer called me and said that he would have to duct new cables into the building and that would be a decision for someone higher up to take. Several people in the building want Virgin Fibre and my landlord (who owns the building) is happy for work to be done to install Virgin into the building and seems keen to have it on the premises.

There may be some issues as I believe the building is listed - but Sky and BT have got into the building somehow so surely Virgin can do it in the same way?

Please help - Virgin are the only company who offer decent speeds around here and it seems all the buildings around us can have Virgin.



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Re: Virgin Media broadband installation in new block of flats

Hi there

Flats are always different in terms of wiring as they normally need a MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit). This may have been removed if its undergone a renovation.

I'll pop you a private message to take some details and check it over for you.



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