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Virgin Media Trolling

Tuning in

Spent 5 hours yesterday trying to buy TV and Broadband package.

Sales advised not available. My next door neighbours, on both sides, have TV and Broadband from Virgin Media. Just appears my house is the only one in the street that cannot get TV and Broadband. Strange. 

Today I got an email from Virgin Media inviting me to buy a TV and broadband package. When I try to take advantage of this offer, sales tell me this isn't available. 

Do idea how to progress this, so any help appreciated. 

I want to buy Virgin Media. I think it is a system error that I cannot purchase. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What you need is a spotter to be sent out to see if any underground ducting changes are needed to service the property. If the alterations fall within budget your address will be added to the database.

A forum team member will be along shortly & can get this arranged.

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Thanks for this - much appreciated! 

Tuning in

Can someone from Virgin Media help please?

This has been the most difficult process when trying to give a company money! Customer service is non existent by the looks of it. Customers appear to get support form others customers...not the company themselves. Lazy. 

Tuning in

Trying to buy a bundle from VM. Sales say not available in my area. Leaflets and marketing materials from VM advise it is available. Each of my neighbours have VM broadband plus TV....

Can someone please help look beyond the scripted response and help me to buy?

Is there a VM connection point at the boundary of your property ?
Below are just a couple of examples...


Tuning in

Just wondering how long I should expect to wait to get support from Virgin Media? I am trying to BUY virgin media broadband.

Customer service told me to speak with sales, sales told me to check I am. 

Again..looking to purchase virgin media...can someone from Virgin Media help? 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi sdjferguson 👋

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble when trying to take out a package. Please be aware that the serviceability of a property depends on various factors such as cabinet capacity, network structure and the permits we received at the time of installing our network.

I'm going to drop you a private message to gather some more details and check this further for you. Please look out for it in the top-right, white envelope. If you can't see it there, just tap your profile picture and then "My Messages".


Reece - Forum Team

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Thanks for replying. 

No box immediately outside.

There is a C.A.T.V box (from the example above) outside my next door neighbours driveway - 3 feet away from my driveway. 

I can see you are in PM with my colleague @sdjferguson who will keep you updated.

It's been raised with the Housefile Team, who will work to update our systems and from there, I will be able to identify the serviceability, or need for a Spotter.
Have a lovely weekend! 🌞

Forum Team

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