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Virgin Media - Internet Drops or Disconnects

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My internet shows up when selecting which WIFI to connect to, however is then says “unable to connect” Or, it will connect with weak security and then disconnects rather quickly. I have reset the Hub, I have disconnected everything for 30 mins… no luck. When it looks like it’s back up and running I try to login to the router to change the ‘weak security’ and change the settings. However, by the time it’s asked me to change the password for the hub it disconnects, and the cycle continues… reset… turn off… turn on… disconnects Virgin Media with the same “there is no issue on our end”… has anyone had this issue ? What did you do to fix it ? Thanks


Restarting the Hub is quite a slow process. 
Using the laptop/mobile try enable Airplane mode, then disable Airplane mode as a quicker way to force a WiFi reconnection.

One could use a laptop connected to the Hub with a network cable to make the WiFi security adjustments, this would avoid WiFi dropouts.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi duggu19

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear of the broadband issues. I will send you a PM to get some details as we've not been able to locate your system via the forum details provided.

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