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Virgin Media Install location

Joining in

Currently my openreach master socket is under my stairs. It's fed through from under my house to there. From there I run all my ethernet cables to my machines. Will virgin Media be able to install their wires to here so I can continue to have my router here or only to the outside of my house?



Theoretically yes, in practice the person who is tasked with connecting you up, will have been given a certain length of time to do it and is, well, incentivised, to do it as quickly and easily as possible. To the point where you may get, the sometimes mentioned on here excuse, of ‘we are only allowed to install it in this location’; oddly enough, this ‘approved’ location is often the easiest from their perspective - obviously just a coincidence!

Now, what I would do is this, think of it from the installer’s perspective, they need to get a coax cable from the outside Omnibox (probably on the front wall of your house facing the street), round to where you want it. Now how easy is this to do? How would you approach it? Is it fairly easy to do? Is it just running a cable around the side of the house and through an external wall? If it isn’t trivial, is there anything you could do beforehand to make it easier, run conduit, drawstrings etc?