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Virgin Media Delay - 6 to 8 Weeks (for now..)

Tuning in

So I have decided to try go with Virgin for their Gigabit package as they are the only ones who can provide this in my area. I was originally supposed to be set up on the 9th September but a few days before this date it was delayed, due to external work needing to be done. I was then given the 20th September as the new date.

Fast forward to today and I just wanted to contact them to see if there was any updates, and I find out that my installation date was cancelled, and I now have to wait 6-8 weeks for repairs to be done; as the pipe underground is blocked/collapsed and they need council permission to repair the damages.

I have seen stories on here of people who have waited over half a year with similar issues, and as I have no internet at all it’s worrying to think I may be about to go through the same ordeal many others have. Anyone got any advice on how to get this pushed through as best as I can, as I have been kept in the dark about it all until today. 


Alessandro Volta

You are likely to remain in the dark for a lot longer if your situation follows the same path as many on here.

It would be unusual if the council alone caused a 6 to 8 week delay to your installation. You can ring up your local highways authority (which may be your local council or county council) and see if VM or its sub-contractors have made any applications for the work. You might also see something below if they have

use the drop down under search for different timescales.

It is equally possible that the work to install your connection may exceed VM's budget for the task if extensive digging is involved. Your long delay may just be playing for time while VM works out the costs. In some past topics customers have waited for a long time only for VM to cancel on grounds of cost reasons.

In the meantime, start keeping a good record of everything that happens in a timeline format (calls to VM, failed visits, no-shows etc.) which will help ensure you receive the correct compensation.

Keep a good record of the 'date initially confirmed in writing' when VM said it would 'activate' your services and familiarise yourself with the automatic compensation scheme

Also start researching some temporary connectivity on a rolling monthly basis to keep you going until VM gets around to installing for you.

I thought it would be weird for it to take 6-8 weeks too, but they’ve only told me that they haven’t even put the request in for the construction team for the work to be done, and that this could include getting the council permit to actually do the job. Luckily I found out a mate of mine has a friend who works at Virgin, and he found out the exact same and what work needs to be done, it’s just a case of Virgin actually following through with the estimated completion (which I’m doubting will happen). 

I’ll make sure to keep a log of everything, as I have a bad feeling about all of this, thank you 🙂 Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled or at least if it does they tell me sooner rather than later, as right now I would rather wait for this to be done to get the best speed I can get. 


I have been trying to find some monthly rolling contracts but I genuinely cannot find anything for my location, except sim deals but the speeds are less than 10mb, useable but not ideal for work related tasks. Do you have any recommendations? 

Alessandro Volta

In past topics on here, savvy customers have phoned the council to ask about permits. In some of those cases the customer discovered that either the permit was issued quickly or VM never applied for one. Sometimes the permit was issued but VM failed to complete the work in the permit time window so a new permit was required. The 'council permit' excuse is VM's catch-all reason given out for delays. Generally it has little/nothing to do with the council. The delays are caused by a failed set of processes and non-communication between VM and its sub-contractors.

At the bottom of this page 1 below, Chez92 mentions using Now Broadband for broadband on a rolling 30 day contract.

you could maybe post on that topic or PM Chez92 to find out if the experience/connection was any good or not.

At the end of the topic Chez92 reports being awarded compensation, via arbitration, for the installation delay.

Yeah the Now rolling contract is a good spot and one I'm thinking about. It's probably a better bet than a sim hub. Keep in mind the £60 setup fee. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

The £60 setup might now be a £70 setup I have just seen on one of the switching sites. Even so, it might be a good option for anyone facing a long VM installation delay and any compo awarded would help offset the cost of setup/running Now. Deciding whether to use Now or a mobile connection might well depend on the coverage and speed available for each service in the area for each individual customer.

I wanted to try use Now as they seem like the best option for rolling contracts, but when I use my address I get an error;  decided to use my neighbours address to see if his worked on their website but they said that they don’t cover my area for network 😕 a sim deal might be my only option, limited to 4G but it’s better than nothing I guess

Tuning in

So I chased Virgin up this week hoping for some news or updates, as expected they had nothing to update me with, and that no construction work has even been submitted yet.. Made it worse that I checked some of my neighbours houses and they have Virgin lines set up, meaning that the cables are obviously running past my property (as there is only the one cabinet near me) and they work for others, makes no sense why my connection has caused such a big issue.


Even checked the floor port (the black Virgin Triangles) which is literally outside my front door, and it’s not even blocked anymore. Luckily I took your guys advice and managed to find a company called Freeola who do rolling broadband contracts in my area, and they have booked me in for an installation on the 2nd October. Hopefully this doesn’t cause any issues as well. Going to keep my Virgin account and package though as I would rather have this Gigabit package, so hopefully they will eventually get the work completed. I’ll keep updating with news as I chase them up weekly.