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Virgin Media Connect App not connecting to Hub 3

Tuning in

Hi, I joined VM today. My Hub 3 arrived and is connected. I have Internet connectivity and am connected to it on an iPhone.

A new install of the Virgin Connect app won't connect to the hub. I've tried:

Uninstalling and removing the app's data (half a dozen times)

Pin-hole resetting the router (half a dozen times)

What else can I do? I've seen the suggestion that it can take a day for the hub to be available but I don't believe that - the instructions say the app is for initial setup.

Another thread says there are some backend problems which sometimes occur, is this the only way to contact VM to ask if there's a problem they need to resolve?



The connect app is very flaky.

Use the link below to make sure the iPhone is not running any of the Apple VPN services.

The response should have an IPv4 IP ( no IPv6 IP) and the ISP : should be Virgin Media.

Failing this connect to the Hub at   ( the password for the Hub menus is on a sticker )