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Virgin Install Delays

I am having real issues with Virgin and getting connected.

To give some insight, I moved home on the 27th November 2020. We notified Virgin of the move and were told that some external work would need completing at the new property before we'd get connected.

I was given the date of the 19th December for these works to be carried out. On the 18th of December, a contracted company came by our property to assess the external area and saw that we had rubble in the way of where they'd be laying the cable. My partner could be seen through the window with our little boy in her arms and the contractors would have seen her. The rubble was booked in to be removed at first light on the 19th December. They'd have known this had they tried to make any communication with my partner while she was quite obviously home at the time.

We were contacted at 19:00 on the 18th December to be told the install wouldn't go ahead until the 16th January. We had been very excited for the internet to be installed. Basically counting down the days! I was furious at this and we'd have no internet connection until the 16th January meaning over 6 weeks disconnected.

Waiting for the 16th January to arrive, I was again contacted the day before the new install date, 15th January, at 17:30 and was told they had to delay the install AGAIN. I had steam coming out of my ears! 3 children, 2 of which are being home schooled and I am supposed to be working from home. This is impossible with no internet. We were told that the install would be delayed until the 20th February.

Numerous calls to Virgin. Transferred between different departments and still in the dark. Are they going to contact me on the 19th February for another delay? By the time the install goes ahead, if it actually does, this will be nearly 3 months of being messed about and without internet.

Virgin are the only company in my area that provide fibre. My neighbour has Virgin Fibre and has told us that they can run a cable from his line to our property.

I'm at a total loss of what to do. Any advice of where to turn would be great.

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Re: Virgin Install Delays

Thanks for the post Leellison and welcome to our community.


We don't have access to the pre installations teams systems so we would advise to contact them for more information on 150/0345 454 1111 (options 1, 3 then 1).


Thanks, Emily.

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