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Virgin Broadband dropping daily

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I've had VM for years, currently on 350 plan but it's become incredibly unreliable this past few weeks. Typically it will just drop connection at a random point most days and not regain it again for anything between 2-3 minutes, and 20 minutes or more. After it gets to 10-15 minutes I generally power cycle the modem which may or may not fix it (and if it does fix it, I don't know whether it's just the time taken to reboot that's made it start working) but I've had to set up a 4G failover because I can't rely on it.

Ring on SH4 remains green when there's no connection. I'm in modem mode, and all connections - wired and wireless - fail. I'm into an Asus router which reports "your connections DHCP is not working". There's never any failure reported on the status website.

I've disconnected all connections and reconnected them to make sure everything is tight. I've not recently moved any equipment.

I checked network logs and I see a LOT of this message (MAC redacted)
Lost MDD Timeout;CM-MAC=ac:f8:xx:xx:xx:xx;CMTS-MAC=00:a2:xx:xx:xx:xx;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
which I don't recall seeing previously, but I'm not in the habit of checking logs until something goes wrong 😄 
I also see one "SYNC Timing Synchronization failure" from 20 minutes ago which is about when my router swapped to 4G and it prompted me to post here.
Not seeing any pre- or post-RS errors. I don't know what other details from that are helpful...


Accepted Solutions

Thanks for coming back to us pillock, I have looked into your account and there are numerous reasons for the technician visit, your connection is showing some issues with the SNR levels of your downstream connection and the power levels are way too high to be able to support a stable connection. There are also issues with the power levels on your upstream channels. All of the issues that I have mentioned will be the fault of Virgin Media and you will not be charged for the scheduled technician visit.

If you would like to reschedule the visit for a more convenient time you can do that via your online account or we can do that from here but we would need to pass account security to be able to do that from here but we will go with whatever you want to do, if you want me to change this, please let me know and I will get a private message sent over.

Kind Regards,


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The online service checker needs a major outage before anything shows.
Check for faults in your street using 0800 561 0061.
Visit the the Hub's "Check router status" tabs look at the Upstream ./ Downstream tab for issues.

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Thanks Client62, could you suggest what issues to look for in those tabs? Is the "SYNC Timing Synchronization failure" nothing to worry about then?
Called that number and was told no issues, but here I am using 4G data because the VM BB has fallen over again...

Up to speed

My Hub4 was misbehaving similarly this morning - loads of red and yellow spikes on the BQM graph.  So I switched it off and on again and it seems to have learnt its lesson.

Hey pillock, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear this.

I have taken a look and I can confirm there is a 24 hour short term connection issues in your area.

If your connection is still bad this time tomorrow please do reach out and we will look into this. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Thanks Matt. I take it that's related to the text message I've just got? I've set up an BQM - although worth noting this isn't a 24 hour thing, it's been going on a while... maybe 2-3 weeks now of varying severity. Let's see what happens though 🙂 

Sorry to hear this, if it is the same tomorrow though reach out and we will get this looked into for you. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Well, here's today's BQM graph. Looks a bit spiky! Ignore pre-10pm as I forgot to enable ping response on my router.
I'll post another tomorrow now I've got it set up



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Still looking pretty rubbish today

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I've just had a text message telling me an engineer is coming tomorrow between 12 and 4 and if I'm not available I'll be charged £25!
Whilst I appreciate the quick turnaround, I have had absolutely ZERO conversation with anyone about this and it's not convenient at such short notice, I've also not engaged with any diagnostics or have been told why an engineer visit is found - and when the small print includes a charge of £25 if the issue is found to be with my equipment and not the hub doesn't it suggest you need to be sure what the fault is first?