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Varying signals levels on Hub3

Joining in

Has anyone had an issue with signal levels varying wildly on a Hub 3? I have been monitoring these and they vary between -1db to +10db. At the low end the network drops out. I have had this problem for months. Currently I'm suffering dozens of drop out a day. The first tech to visit shifted me to a different port in the street box. This improved things for a while but it is currently getting worse. A second recent tech remade the external connection to the house. This gave a 2db lift to the signal level but the problem goes on. Does anyone know what would be in the street box? It looks like the old NTL type. I have seen one of these open in another part of town and there seems to be a simple distribution amp with coax coming in. Do these DAs need replacing sometimes. I have a feeling the situation gets worse on hot days.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi br0kenagain,


Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂


I'm sorry to hear you've had some issues with the hub, looking at things from our side I can see you've been able to contact us regarding this.


If you do still need anything please let us know.