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VVIP Bundle question

I've just had a very poor experience on the phone there and wondering if anyone can help. I'm 9 days into the VVIP bundle and I've had nothing but trouble ; slow speeds, mobile signal issues and of course today I'm affected by the TV and BB outage in Scotland.

I totally understand faults can happen however overall, I've been left very unimpressed with the VVIP bundle. When I took the bundle out, I specifically asked if I could revert back to my old package and price if I was not happy and was told absolutely. I have the chat log to prove this. I then said I must have been misadvised so where does this leave me to be told you just need to stay on the same package or pay more. I now feel totally locked in without any real cooling off period despite being told I had 14 days.

This advisor then told me my contract end date was September and I had to pay £240 to leave. I thought I had signed a new 12 month term so again, I feel I've been misadvised again, I was then passed through to retentions and the call dropped although I believe that was my signal and not the advisor at your end 🙂

I'm absolutely frustrated and totally disappointed with the attitude of that advisor ; it was so dismissive of the situation and as if they really couldn't care less!

Sorry for the rant!

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Re: VVIP Bundle question

Hi there,

Absolutely understand your frustration being from Scotland too.

I apologise that I have just stumbled upon this topic now. You are absolutely entitled to the 14day cooling off period, it's for anything contract related be it BB, phone, etc. See here:

Hopefully you may have progressed in the meantime?


Happy Virgin Customer

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