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VM to resolve BT connection issues?

Tuning in

Hi all, not sure if this will be easy to answer but thought it worth a go. 

I'm currently with BT and have been for a few years, but a couple of years ago I moved into a new house and I've had intermittent trouble with the connection dropping. After much investigation BT have advised me that the issue is somewhere on the line between the end of our driveway and house, and the only way to fix it is to dig up the drive. They'll do this free of charge but it's an expensive resin drive and they won't replace like for like, so I'd rather avoid that.

I understand VM have totally independent infrastructure to BT, does that include all cabling up to our house? That would be the easiest solution (in theory) if so.



Alessandro Volta

If you are proposing a move to VM as a means of bypassing fixing a fault with your BT connection (to avoid digging your drive up!) ...

VM does use its own/separate infrastructure but, in order to get a VM connection to your home, VM would need to bring in its own cable from the street. That could, very likely, involve digging up your drive too (unless, of course, you already have an unused VM cable in place)!

Thanks for the response, that's useful. I should have included that there is a VM box on the side of the house so I assume there is a line in there from previous owners of the house.

I think that confirms it's worth exploring as a possible solution at least, even if it's just a plaster over a more annoying problem. 

You can check your address is serviceable below

Only further consideration would be the age of the VM cable and its condition and just how 'serviceable' it is. No reason it shouldn't work but sometimes there are issues with old cables.

Usual advice on here is to keep your BT connection fully operational until such time as VM is up and running to your satisfaction (overlap the two services for a month or so and you can use the 14 day VM cooling off period to evaluate). VM's bungling installation processes can cause long delays for some unlucky customers so keeping your existing connection running is advised in case you run into a VM installation delay or a VM cable problem.

Can't BT do a drop cable from the telegraph pole?

Alessandro Volta

The OP hasn't stated but one assumes the BT service is provided from an underground cable in an area without telephone poles!

Tuning in

No telegraph poles here unfortunately! All good points and gives me a few things to think about. Seems sensible to overlap the services for a little while to check it's working.

Thanks for the suggestions 🙂