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VM complaints procedure is broken!

Long stort short. I was signed onto a contract that I didnt agree to.

And it took three calls later to find a competent agent to sort the mess out.

The first kept me on hold till the office shut. The 2nd couldnt do anything but log a complaint against the agent that signed me which I did.

I was told it would be up to 28 days for a manager to call me back (way after the cooling off period expires)

Despite having the issue resolved I never did get even a courtesy call from the manage "over the 28 period"

Imagine if the third agent couldnt resolve my issue.....Id be tied to a 18month contract Id never agreed to.

I can tell you Virgin Media complaints procedure is pointless.

I would put a complaint to whatever ombudsman governs ISP......but Ill just be moving on to BT after this contract finishes.......the 12years VM loyalty just doesnt pay off.

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Re: VM complaints procedure is broken!

VM complaints procedure is the industry standard that OFCOM require. 

The cooling off period doesn't start until the service is installed, and if you are renegotiating a contract and you didn't agree to it, you can cancel within 14 days. If I had not got it sorted within 7 days, I would have simply requested the cancellation. Sometimes it's easier to just send a registered letter rather than attempting to ring. 

Even BT screwed up my last bill and forgot to ring me back after saying they would, but thankfully I did mange to get in touch with them again, they apologised and gave me £10 credit. 

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