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VM Bolt 1G / Hub 5 Package & BT Cloud Voice

Joining in

So I'm a WFH with a work BT Cloud IP Phone which was working well over my Hub 3/500mps vm package

I upgraded to 1gb Volt / Hub 5recently and the phones functionality has stopped. People can call in, no voice heard both sides. I can't dial out, dial heard but nothing after dialing a number.


What am I missing here, it is just that this 1gb fiber/hub 5 doesn't support voip or is there something that can be done?


Kindest regards for any information




Could you make the VOIP Phone be more exposed to the internet by :

1) DHCP - add it as to the "Reserved IP list" so it has a stable & known IP

2) DMZ - add the IP of the VOIP phone to the DMZ.

I'm clasping at straws a bit here as Hub firewall options are limited & office IP phone configuration are often so locked down the ports used are unknown.

We have Cisco VOIP kit with a Hub 3 & that works fine.

Hi Client62

I'll certainly add those setting and see what I get.

yep I had a VM hub 3/500mb package and all was fine, thought I'd be all fancy and get me 1gb/hub 5

if it aint broke and all that........




Current good functionality is exactly the reason I'm not causing any change here, plus extra bandwidth is of no interest or value for our work.

If a Hub 5 is supplied it will be used in modem mode with Router. 

I'm not interested in facing the Hub 5's WiFi and DHCP issues, and now VOIP phone issues.