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Upgrading to 1GB

Hello. Just looking a bit of advice.

Currently I have VM 100MB fibre. Yesterday i decided to ditch my Sky TV and sign up for the Ultimate Volt bundle. I understand I'm going to need a new hub. The woman I spoke to on the phone gave me an installation date and told me I will need an engineer visit. When  I tracked my order online it states the install will be done remotely and no engineer visit is required. Just wondering if anyone can confirm which scenario would be correct? If no visit is required I'm assuming the hub and the tv box would just be posted out?

Another thing I'm not sure about was when I placed the order over the phone, at the end of the call the advisor tried to connect me to the O2 team (I currently already have an O2 sim and I believe the purpose of this was to enable my new O2 plan to take over my current one) but the call transfer didn't go through. I rang back and someone put me through again but the same thing happened once more. I tried to speak to someone via chat but I don't think they really understood what I was getting at and just sent me the link to sign up for the Volt benefits (I already have the Volt double data on my current O2 contract but my broadband has never been boosted to 200MB but that's another issue!). Just wondering if anyone knows what is likely to happen with the O2 side of things now. Will I receive a new sim in the post and end up having to pay for 2 O2 plans? My ideal scenario would be the VM side of things goes ahead as planned and I am able to just continue with my current O2 plan as opposed to signing up for the new £25 one (I only pay £10 a month at the minute and my data allowance is more than enough). I am not sure if this scenario is even possible with the Ultimate Volt bundle. 

Sorry for my rambling. Just a bit confused as to where I stand and don't know where else to turn to for advice! Thanks in advance!

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