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Upgrade contract states M250 fibre broadband with VM Hub 4 but I have been sent a Hub 3?

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I signed up on 23 June for upgrade package to M250 with a Hub 4 but I have been sent a Hub 3. I contacted VM this evening and have been told that a Hub 4 is not compatible with M250? So why do all 3 VM contract documents state Hub 4?

Since upgrading my download speed varies from 250mbps down to 60 mbps. I reboot and it goes back to 250-270. So I am not happy. Previous superhub 2 was rock solid at 130mbps. I want what I am paying for which is a Hub 4.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hub 3 is more than capable for 250 Tier, as is the Hub 4 btw.

Are you testing wired or wireless as VM only guarantee 20Mb from wifi.

What speed does show?   Your poor performance could be a faulty circuit and a Hub 4 will not fix this.  Post your power levels and network log from the Hub for comment.

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