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Unservicable home? - new build home with all virgin equipment pre-installed

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I've bought a new house that has Virgin fibre and Openreach equipment pre-installed. All my neighbours have it and are live on Virgin or openreach.

I'm a long standing virgin fibre customer and I contacted your house move team 4 weeks ago to organise the transfer of my contract. I then received an email from Unserviceable Homes <> saying they were going to look into it and would respond within 7 days. I have not had any response at all on this, I have used your chat a few times and even managed to speak to the home move team again. Each tells me there is nothing they can do to get any info, the last person offered me a cancellation as the best course of action.

I move in next week and my wife works from home, she will have no internet access and I can't tell her when we will have internet. My neighbours tell me that Openreach turned everything around in a short time, much less than the 4 weeks I've been waiting without any response from Virgin. You are my last attempt at getting any action before cancelling and moving to BT. I've been a very happy Virgin customer for 8 years up until now.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Mcgra1, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I am sorry to hear about the experience you've had here. What I will do is send you over a private message so I can confirm some details with you and get this passed to the relevant team asap.