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Unsatisfactory onboarding process and unreliable customer service

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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and frustration with both the Virgin Media WiFi activation process and my experience of your Customer service, both of which have been less than satisfactory.

I recently moved into a new property and ordered Virgin Media WiFi on June 19th, with the installation date set for July 17th. However, on July 3rd, I received a text message from Virgin stating that an engineer would come to set up a faceplate for the new property on July 6th. Since I was not yet a resident of the new property, I requested to change the date to July 18th, the next available date.

The engineer arrived on July 18th only to find that the faceplate was already installed, which was a wasted journey for the engineer and a waste of my time, as I had to take half a day off work to wait to be available for the engineer. It was also not communicated this was not when the WiFi would be set up.

When I asked the engineer when the WiFi would be ready to work, he explained that it would not be ready until the equipment was delivered, which was set to arrive on July 31st, over two weeks after I requested the WiFi to be set up. He suggested I call Virgin Media to reschedule the delivery of the equipment, so I did. After spending a long time on the phone, I managed to get the equipment delivery rescheduled for July 24th, the earliest date available.

The following day, I called again and was told I could have it delivered on July 20th. However, I received no confirmation of this delivery, so I called again and was told the earliest delivery date was still July 24th. I explained I needed the WiFi before then. The assistant said she could get an engineer sent out on July 22nd to set up my WiFi.

When the engineer arrived on July 22nd, he asked if I had received my 'QuickStart self-install equipment' so he could set up the WiFi. I explained the whole point of this appointment was so he could set up the WiFi sooner than waiting for the equipment to be delivered and installed myself. He then explained he could not set up the WiFi without the equipment, which was now set to arrive on July 25th and was unable to complete the work.

I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with the Virgin Media customer services and onboarding experience - it does not appear to work well. It is crucial I have WiFi, as I often work from home. As a result, I have had to postpone work while waiting for the installation and have incurred high mobile data bills due to needing to purchase extra data to complete necessary online work. The customer service has been unreliable and untrustworthy, with each encounter resulting in false information and false hopes of getting my service set up.

Additionally, there seems to be a lack of communication internally, as the engineer explained that he should not have been sent out without the equipment already having been delivered.

Please take this information into consideration to find solutions to these issues. Better communication is needed with the customer regarding the full setup process and reasonable answers as to why the services take so long to be set up. False information and false hopes should not be given to customers.

I look forward to hearing back from you and expect to be compensated reasonably.




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Jon21, thank you for joining our help forums and for your first post here.
Glad to have you on board with us, a warm welcome to the VM community.

We're sorry to hear of the reasons that brought you here today and the dissatisfaction this has caused, we do aim to a higher level of service for our customers and we'd love to assist you in the best way we can.

In order to help raising your above concerns with our team, I'll need to send you a private message here shortly.
Please, check the top right-hand side of our page to find a white envelope.
Click on this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

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