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Unresolved Complaint - Faulty Broadband supply cable

Tuning in

Going round in circles and can't seem to get anywhere, please help.

Took out a brand new Broadband contract in February at my new-to-me home and very quickly realised there were connection issues and contacted VM for help.

After lots of unresolved trouble shooting Engineer appointments were made. Plural because there's been numerous appointments - One or 2 missed, one or 2 changed and  3 actual engineer's visits.

The Engineer quickly identified faulty cables running around the external walls of my property. Not a surprise really as there are big orange connector blocks hanging off the walls of the front of my house, some with 2 cables in and 1 cable out, others with 1 cable in and 2 cables out, and eventually going into my property through unsealed blown brick faces with holes so big you can feel the draught on the inside the house! A proper bodge job.

So this Engineer says another Engineer needs to be booked to remove the cables and replace with a single cable.

After a couple of missed appointments 2 engineers arrive to carry out the work in early May. They ask permission to dig up my driveway to replace a cable. I question this as the original engineer said the underground cable is fault free, it is only the cables on the walls that require replacement. These fellas called their Manager and came back and said they've been asked to replace the underground cable regardless and proceed to dig up my driveway and replace the cable.

On completion they say somebody will be in touch shortly to replace the actual faulty cable(s).

I never heard anything since so after various failed attempts to sort it out with Customer Services I raised a complaint and put the same detail in as I have here.

Today I received the complaint resolution saying the fault was resolved when the last engineer's visited (which of course we know it wasn't) and the complaint would be closed and to follow a link for further help.

That link sends me to one of 2 places - Here on this forum, or to a phone number for Customer Services. 

Whenever I go through to Customer Services one of 2 things happen - 1) I get sent back online for help, which subsequently sends me to this forum, or 2) A line test is carried out which doesn't reveal the (intermittent) fault and I'm sent back on line for help, which again subsequently sends me to this forum.

I'm now over 4 Months into this contract and after every point of contact with VM I've ended up in a worse situation, even the original contract I signed up for wasn't the contract I received but that aside I just want a reliable internet connection and feel I've escalated as far as possible and still can't get it repaired.

Is there an easier way to just speak to someone have this faulty cable replaced?


Tuning in

If of any use to anyone the complaint number is: C-2806221123

Forum Team
Forum Team


Thank you for your posts and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm really sorry to hear that you've not had a great experience regarding your complaint and are facing ongoing problems with your connection. So that I can take a closer look at what's happened and assist you further, I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments. Please respond to this when you can and we'll go from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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