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Unreasonable workmen

Joining in

There is work commmencing on the Lower Luton Road AL4 region this is a VERY busy road especially at 3:45 after school run the John Harry/Barry workmen cordoned off the pavement, expecting us to cross an incredibly busy road with the van parked at such a table that I order to cross the road to use the pavement on the other side you had to walk half way out on to oncoming traffic to see past the van if it was safe! This is not safe not acceptable ! Van number WV68JUU the workmen was very unreasonable and rude and could not understand that the way he’d parked his van was blocking the view of the road that he as expecting us to cross 


please educate your contracted workforce 


I expect this to be dealt with and a response form you about the outcome 


Alessandro Volta

The work is showing on the One Network website with the permit number from Herts CC

Report to Herts CC if you think the work is being carried out in an unsafe manner