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Unknown VM Box on my House

Joining in

I've come home to find a 2nd VM box fitted to the wall on the front my house, i wasn't contacted by VM or asked if this could be fitted. I called support and they know nothing about it and told me that an Engineer will be coming out to assess it in 48 working hours, that Puts that visit at next Wednesday (05/03/2023) which is unacceptable. 

As the black cable with thin green live in going into the same cover as mine and the box isn't even connected to another nearby property i am taking upon myself to consider that this box was fitted by a some sort of scammer who may have spliced into my line and is now hacking my internet connection. As such for Security reasons i am going to cut that cable. I wont tear the box off of my wall just yet as i want to know if VM really did fit it. The cable going into the ground wasn't even protected with a cable protector like mine was by the official VM installer. It all looks too suspect for me to ignore for the next 5 days.

I cant get into the cover to check the cable as it seems to be locked shut. Has anybody ever seen this before please?

The blue square is my VM Box and the red one is the new one fitted without my permission, also the new one doesn't have a cable going to any propertyThe blue square is my VM Box and the red one is the new one fitted without my permission, also the new one doesn't have a cable going to any propertyThe new one had an odd black cable with a thin green line on itThe new one had an odd black cable with a thin green line on itI tried to open the cover but it seems to stuck shut and you can see the new cement where the cable goes inI tried to open the cover but it seems to stuck shut and you can see the new cement where the cable goes in


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Cylon1812 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I am sorry for the confusion with this box being attached. 

I am sure it's nothing to worry about and as the community have advised a seperate line to yours. Please also ignore any advice to start cutting boxes/lines as well 🙂

I will send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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Knows their stuff

What kind of answer is that. The OP has had a box put on his house which he requires removing and any damage made good. VM had no right whatsoever to put it there. Your advise is wrong and your assertion that it is nothing to worry about is a total insult. The easiest course is to remove and ask Virgin if they want it back before disposing of it.

Doesn't look like a great place to fit a box anyway... isn't that some kind of overflow right above it and pointing down?

Joining in

Just an Update to this, As suspected by a lot of people who responded to my post VM haven't bothered to send anybody to look at the box. The next step will be the complete removal of the Box itself. Clearly VM wont mind, as far as I'm concerned they didn't fit in in the first place! or did they!? The call centre have once again confirmed that they dont know anything about it. Doubt anybody is going to miss it as it doesn't seem to exist!. 😕

Hi @Cylon1812,

I'm sorry to hear that this is ongoing. I can see in an earlier post that my colleague has offered to send you a private message to take some additional details and investigate further. If you respond to the last message that they sent you there they can help you further.


Zach - Forum Team
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On our wavelength

@Cylon 1812, what was the upshot - the end result? All sorted now I hope, it would be good to please post the result back here as it can be frustrating when an issue is interesting, you read the whole thread then find its gone over to direct messaging 


I sought some advice from a mate who's missus works with lawyers and she said dont rip it off the wall as VM can do me for damaging their property even though they fitted it to my wall without consulting me, So the box is still attached to my wall. Nobody ever came to check it out or remove it. 😞

Hi Cylon1812, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. We're sorry to hear this is ongoing for you. 

I can see you were in a private message conversation with my colleague but never replied to the latest message that was sent so we were unable to continue supporting you at that time. 

Looking over past interactions, I can see my colleague was trying to establish if you live in a block of flats as you'd mentioned there were council tenants living in the building too. Can you confirm if this is the case? 

The work looks like the external work required before a new install is completed but if nothing has been connected up then it would suggest the installation was cancelled before we got as far as that. There does appear to be a cable from the box and heading upwards though so there may well be a live service being provided to another tenant in the building. 

The only time we would come to remove any wiring/cables/boxes would be if they are posing a health and safety risk. As things look to be in great condition, we wouldn't be able to remove things.


Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

So there you have it. Virginmedia can't tell you why it's there, and just want you to look the other way and forget about it.   According to them they can do what they want with your wall. 

The only question is, do you actually own this wall or is it rented, leased or otherwise not your property?

I own my house and if this had happened on my wall, I would have removed it the same day. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

that looks like a boiler over flow above would be a pity if water got into the box dont you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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