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Unable to contact customer service after kit delivery was cancelled

Joining in

Hello. I ordered a self-install kit around the 10th of September. It was supposed to arrive on the 12th of September but it was never delivered. I received multiple emails from Yodel saying they attempted a delivery but this is a lie, I was home every day for that week and nobody came.

I contacted Yodel to ask for an update but they just told me the order had been cancelled and returned to Virgin Media. This was 5 days ago. I looked through Virgin Media's website but there was no option to reorder the kit or anything.

Since then, I've been trying to contact VM's customer service every day multiple times a day but they are always either too busy to help or they help with a copy-pasted message that doesn't mean anything (something like "You have to order the kit again like you did when you first signed up." Spoiler: there is no option for this on the website). Today I finally managed to talk to someone on the phone, who said they'd put me in contact with a member of the sales team but this "member of the sales team" was non-existent and the call ended itself after a few minutes.

I'm done with this and I've looked into cancelling but they force me to call to cancel and again there is a ghost picking up the phone. Any idea where I could go to get help with this? It's gotten incredibly annoying and I'm sure they will still charge me for the time I haven't even been using the services.



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