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URGENT Help needed - Virgin Media Line flooded

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Firstly I don't have a Virgin Media Account, but live in a newish build house that has a Virgin media line running into the house. We have just had a thunderstorm and the service drain out front filled with rain water, and for some reason its got into the media pipe running into my house and flooded my bloody hallway and living room. I have spoken to someone, but got told to make a complaint by post - Why haven't Virgin media got a complaint email??? I cant use the webchat as I don't have an account and the line running under my house is virgins responsibility?? I need someone out to fix before more rain in the next couple days...Who do I contact to get it fixed and for compensation for ruining my carpets? Thanks20230901_180541.jpg20230901_180546.jpg20230901_180802.jpg20230901_185818.jpg



Building floods are a matter for your insurance company.

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But the service line shouldn't be letting in water and Virgin own that pipe that runs from the road to the house. They have to fix and as far as I'm concerned will have to compensate for the damage...I'm not raising my premiums for something that is there issue. 

Thankyou that's useful info. So they may not have installed but who then takes responsibility for the lines into the house if there is an issue? I will contact the developer too...


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Forum Team

Hi spaceman1988, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that this has happened and will send you a PM to check a few things. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

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How recent is the new build? Ducting shouldn't be entering directly into a house for reasons like this and because if there's ever an issue that causes gas to leak into the underground network it would come up directly into people's properties. The ducts are meant to finish by an external wall of a property. See page 20 of