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UK Contact number re install

Joining in

Hello all, We decided to go with Virginmedia for Broadband. We have a ‘live’ date of the 2nd Aug and has requested a pre install set up and they turned up yesterday. After 5 minutes the pair said they’d be back tomorrow. They didn’t show up. Called the call centre number and they told me no one will be coming until at least late August I asked why this was and they promptly hung up on me. Furious. Upon the very first call I had with Virgin they said there would be no issue with this as we have a new drive way and lawn being installed Late August so the work was to be done ahead of this So. I need to speak to customer services that are UK based and aren’t going to cut me off.


Alessandro Volta

history says that anything is possible with the install when things go wrong - the longest know delay is 18 months so dont get your hopes up that it will happen on the date you have

the info you have are about it - they will tell you what it says on the screen - if it happens then great - if not a new date will be picked out of the air

the only plus is that as you had a firm install date you should get compensation of just less that £6 a day until they actually install - they may well come up with reasons not to pay but theres help on here if that happens

so dont cancel the install although you may feel you have to as they are likely to just turn up as and when and dig up the new lawn if you are not there

the other thing not to do is cancel who you are with now as you may need them for [quite] a while longer


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Koltyn,

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get your delayed installation looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration 😥 

I can create an installation complaint for you within a private message, however we may not be able to bring your installation forward due to the work that may need to be done. 

I do have a link to our Auto Compensation Scheme if you'd like to see if you're eligible for any compensation for the delay. 

I'll get a private message over to you now so we can raise an Installation Complaint for you. 

Speak soon.