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I am in the termination period and have been with virgin for 10 years. Unfortunately I only have virgin as an option as BT cables stop 10m from house and they are not interested in installing it. I have bband 350 and landline and was paying £28 with weekend calls. They wanted to increase to £58 and the online offer is £48. I gave notice a few weeks ago but I’ve not had any calls on landline or mob. I’ve checked the marketing box and that is ticked and preferred means of coms under account settings is ebills, email and text. Suggestions please, should I just wait until final day of cutoff and phone then to see any revised offers? Thank you.


Alessandro Volta

It sounds like that £48 offer (if that was made directly to you) is the best you will get. They will know that you have no alternative high speed connection and they don't need to call you again. 

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Under current legislation you do have rights to access services at an affordable price.

Take a look at the linked page & see if it applies to you 

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Alessandro Volta

You have the right to request a 'decent connection' from BT but there is no guarantee that you'll get it.

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