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Tracking Pre-Installation

Tuning in


I’ve originally ordered VM in September but I’ve had two delayed installations with my latest appointment being in December.

Through numerous messages and phone calls to the support team, I’ve managed to work out that a pre-pull is required to my address (which is understandable but why wasn’t this communicated from the outset?). However I was slightly confused as since I originally placed my order, I’ve had a number of people visit my address outside, with the last visit being the day before my second install (before it was re-scheduled). Two gents from Kier did knock on but I didn’t get chance to speak to them (video doorbell). They have however left a length of rope across the pavement which I’ve tided up to ensure no one falls over it.

My question is how do I find out exactly when the pre installation work will take place? I’ve tried speaking to the pre-install team but the overseas team cannot quite grasp what I am after. Is there a department which is UK based who I can at least email to find out exactly what is going on?!

I’m just becoming frustrated that my order will keep being delayed until someone can be bothered to turn up to install the cable. I’m sure that when I had VM at a previous address a number of years ago, the engineers used to do all this themselves at the point your services were installed and activated (unless I stand corrected).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Alessandro Volta

This is very normal I'm afraid. You could try calling the Pre Installations number 0800 052 1734


I’ve called the number and they’ve explained that there is a blockage in the pipe at another property on my road. However they’ve had no further update from the ‘third party’ and cannot confirm if it will be fixed in time for my appointment at the beginning of December.

This is the frustrating part that the team know where the issue is apparently but I just don’t know when it’s going to be fixed. I’m currently with Sky so I’m having to ring them up each month to extend my cancellation notice which is a tad embarrassing really.

if could get contact with the ‘third party’ or the team who deal with the repairs, I may be able to get more of a concrete update.

Unfortunately once the job has been handed over to the guys with the shovels there seems to be no tracking of the work by anyone with any authority or control. This could carry on for months until the contractor gets round to doing it, or decides it's too hard and just walks away. 

This obviously seems to be the the case. I'm wondering if the community team could assist if there is any way they can be tagged in this thread?

Hi @Stevomac1986,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues with your installation. We can understand the ongoing frustration caused and we want to best help. I have had a look into this for you and it appears that because of construction issues, there have been delays in the installation. As we work with third parties in regard to construction issues, sometimes there may be delays when trying to resolve the issue. Please bear with the team while they work to resolve this for you.


Forum Team

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Hi Akua,

Thank your for your post. Coincidentally someone has been working outside my property today and have changed the cover where the cable would come to my property. Is there anyway of checking if that was the required work or is there more work to be completed?


Hi Stevomac1986,

Thanks for coming back to us about your delayed installation, I am sorry it seems to be getting pushed further back. 

I will send you a PM now so I can give you more info about the delays of your install work, we'll come back onto the public platform after that 🙂

Speak soon!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Stevomac1986,

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM, I am glad that I managed to give you a little more insight into what is causing the delay with your install. 

But I am also sorry that I couldn't get your install moved forward at this time due to the circumstances, it's frustrating for us as well as we want to help. 

If you want to ask any further questions me and my team will be here to help whilst you wait for your installation. 

Sorry again for the frustration this is causing but we hope to see you installed soon once the delays have been dealt with. 

Kindest regards,



A positive development is that the pre-installation team have finally done their part just before my installation of services. However, I don’t know if it’s just me overthinking this but the omnibox on the wall looks like the standard box, and not the examples I have seen for FTTP. Has anyone come across this or is it that the wrong cable has been installed?