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Thoroughly annoyed cable repull left half complete with no connection.

Joining in

We suffered a full loss of service on Wednesday Night/early Thursday morning (8th Dec). Contacted customer support who ran their tests and scheduled an engineer visit. Through some quirk of fate, managed to get a cancellation slot Saturday morning (10th Dec). He came and after examing and testing everything on site, said that the cable underground was damaged and would need to be replaced. He spoke with his boss and arranged this for Monday 12th December as it was urgent due to a total loss of connection, but assured us we wouldn't need to be present (fortunate as i had a hospital clpinic appointment).

Monday morning, they arrived and whilst they did need my wife to direct them to the correct cable, they set to work and we both went to the hospital. When we came home several hours later, (around 1500) no sign of them and the soil, etc had all been returned whence it came. However when tring the connection, still nothing worked. I tried rebooting the hub/router and all the usual things to no avail and to be told "No RF Signal". WWE looked at the box outside and found that nothing was connected, one wire had a big heavy cap on it and the other appeared to have been cut? Contacted Virgin customer support again and eventually told that the ticket was still open, they weren't finished and woul dbe back by 1900 to complete the iwork (with an internal engineer revisit later to double check everything) or at the very least I would receive an update by phone, text or email. By 1930, none of this had happened. I called Customer support again who's only solution was to offer me another engineer visit on the 9th of January?!

Our connection is VERY important to us. I suffer with a number of long term medical conditions and disabilities meaning it is often my only form of contact with the outside world and how I regularally exchange information with my specialists and clinics. My wife is a student nurse who has a large number of online lectures she has to attend for her degree. None of this is currently possible and by the time they want to send someone to even investigate, we will have had no connection for almost a month. The mobile signal in this area is so bad, even our mobile phone has to be routed through the router. On top of all that, a month at Christmas with no broadband, phone or TV, it beggars belief. I do not consider this to be reasonable or acceptable. The problem doesn't need investigating, the job needs finishing.

Most frustrated to say the absolute least.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mooglemania,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the delay in getting this work resolved. 

I am more than happy to take a look on the account to see if there is anything we can do to help. 

I will private message you now so I can get some details.