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Thinking about upgrading..

Tuning in

Currently I am on the M350 package which seems to be working well (had an issue a few days ago with the superhub going slow but turns out I had to hold the reset button for 60 seconds so solve that issue)

However, I am thinking of upgrading my package online to the Gig1 package since Virgin have dropped the prices for it, my question is if I take out the upgrade package does virgin activate the faster speeds immediately or does it take a while to activate?


Fibre optic

If you have a hub 4 or 5 it will stabilise in 24 hrs if you don’t have any of the hubs above you would have to wait for the delivery of the new hub once you connect the new hub ur 1 gig will go active.

Thanks for your reply.

I have a Hub 4 so presume it will activate after 24 hours? Do I need to restart the hub after 24 hours or should I just notice the speed suddenly increase when doing a speed test?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
It just takes some time for VM systems to upload the new configuration file to the Hub4 before the new speeds becomes active.

You can check it happened in the Hub settings - in the configuration file data - or just do speed tests !

Sometimes a Hub restart is needed - sometimes a pinhole rest may be needed if it hasnt happened


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