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There already has an 'activated' service linked to my new home

Tuning in

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Virgin Media, having chosen them for my broadband service based on friends' recommendations. However, I've run into some problems.

I moved on Oct 10, 2023, and tried to order broadband service from VM the next day. But they said there's already an "activated" broadband for my address, so I can't order until that's canceled. However, there's no router in my flat. I think the previous tenant might have returned it or it got removed when the flat was cleaned. This means I can't use the "activated" service.

So, I'm stuck. I can't use the existing internet or order a new service. That's ridiculous.

On Oct 14, 2023, VM's Sales Team said they'd try to contact the previous tenant and update me via SMS. But today (Oct 17, 2023), the support team mentioned a Transfer Document that failed because of missing information. I'm afraid the reason is they can not reach to the previous customer as I provided everyting they need from me in the phone call. And they suggested me wait for the auto-cancel. That's not a good joke.

I'm worried the previous tenant didn't cancel their contract, which could mean I have to wait for unknown time before I can get my own broadband, especially if VM can still collect money from the existing account. Who knows.

I can not wait for the auto-cancellation because the time is unknown, maybe months, and that's unfair for me. I should not bear this as this is not my fault.

I think the previous tenant might have left the country and doesn't care about everything in this anymore. Or other irresponsible behaviors.

My housing manager said VM can contact them to verify I'm the current tenant. I can also send VM my tenancy agreement, but I don't know which department to contact and how. Because I don't even have an account.

I really need a stable internet connection for remote work. Broadband is super important for me.

I'm hoping someone here can help or offer advice. What should I do now?


Thanks for reading.

From a hopeless young man


Alessandro Volta

VM has a procedure in place to cancel the contract if unable to contact the customer who has moved out.

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Do be aware that VM contracts are typically 18 months with costly early termination charges.

18 months is far longer than most property letting agreements.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Acxyle, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this is the case, also a warm welcome to the community,

This does sound like they haven't cancelled the contract and we can only have one active line at the moment normally we would reach out to them by SMS, emails and letters.

However this is then down to them to reach out to us to resolve this. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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