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The 10th time the phones been hung up before a supervisor

Tuning in

Someone please help with pre installation team! I’ve been on the phone for 8 hours in 2 days. Everyone is hanging up. A supervisor gave me the wrong number yesterday and everyone is disconnecting the call before I can speak to another one. Please please help before i cancel.!


Joining in

I am also having similar issues connecting to the leaving team - hours at a time I have spent on hold - with the same 4 songs on repeat!! Not only am I starting to lose the plot, I'm hearing that music in my sleep!

How on earth can we contact them to leave if the phones aren't answered? It feels like it is a deliberate ploy to keep their customers from leaving, or updating their contracts.

When I did finally get to speak to someone (by going via the billing team), I was told they were aware of such long wait times and she agreed that they needed to employ more staff, but couldn't help. The person she connected me to (some 48 minutes later) was also unable to help and the call was disconnected!

It seems Virgin doesn't really care about their customer service or indeed their customers.

Please answer the phones and stop disconnecting us!

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I am having the same trouble. Have been trying for 4 days - 3 hours each day, cut off every time after 1 hour and re-dialled. If anybody has a different way/number to get to speak to somebody, I'd love to know. Thanks

Follow this link and click on the 'Live Chat' pop up on the right hand side:


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That option didn't even appear on my screen, just a box 'feedback'. Love to give them some feedback..................

As long as customers tolerate this treatment it will continue.  People have been complaining about this for years, VM know there's a big problem, but don't care enough to fix it.  Corporate thinking is that if customers have to wait, and endure poor service but still won't take their business elsewhere, that doesn't affect the company.  You can complain, experience here shows that changes nothing, you can even escalate the complaint to the industry adjudicator which still won't expedite a delayed install/reconnection.  You can complain to the regulator Ofcom, they monitor complaints but don't get involved in the detail.  

So, practical options are that you sit and wait until VM do what is needed on their timescale, or you cancel and take you business elsewhere. 

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Hi, Andrew-G,

I am trying to cancel but I can't get through to them. have been on the phone since Monday. Found out that even they are open till 9, they cut the phone access by 8.30. I also tried the chat bot, which is a laugh, also tried through Whats Up. Are there any other avenues I can cancel this awful service from Virgin. Thanks M

You may want to cancel by post.  If cancelling by letter, allow for the delivery time, ideally specify a date that the services are to end given the 30 days notice you have to give, and use a recorded delivery service. If you want to stand on your rights, don't allow for the postal delays, and make the start of the 30 days when you tried to cancel by phone and VM made that impossible, but if doing this don't be surprised if it is in some way incompetently processed.  Most postal cancellations get sorted out, there's some that are bungled, so you want to have evidence in case things go wrong.

I've seen repeated reports of difficulty when trying to cancel by phone, with customers being passed round multiple unhelpful staff, left on hold, disconnected, bounced from phone to Whatsapp and back again.  This is a flagrant breach of Ofcom's rules, specifically General Condition C1.  Read paragraphs 1.43, through to 1.47 if you're inclined to.  I'd strongly recommend you complain to Ofcom.  They won't intervene in your complaint directly, but Virgin Media are setting themselves up for a big fat fine over their repeated breaches of this rule.

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Hi Andrew-G,

Thanks for your advise. I have now been connected through WhatsUp with Virgin sine 8.10h this morning! Was told @11.00h that I am put through to the retention team. So far I have had a holding msg every hour to say that they get to me asap. So its 3 hours and counting. So much for them wanting to retain their customers.

In the meantime I have sent a registered letter, signed for, which they should have by Monday and gave them 30 days as from now with a specific date of 24/07/22. Lets see what happens. I think I'll cancel the DD, so that they can't access anymore money. That hopefully will focus them.

Cancelling the direct debit will cause problems for you. VM will trash your credit score and pass the matter on to a debt recovery firm. There are messages on this forum all the time from people who have fell victim to this and now have problems getting any kind of credit due to a VM related default on their credit record.