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Text messaging/live chat service ridiculous

What is the point of the text messaging help service?

I've been using this since December 30 day and night. You outline your problem, it tells you to provide security details and then promises to answer within a 4 hour window. Then doesn't.

After 10 hours (or more than 36 hours at one point) someone might answer, usually while you are asleep or at work. Then you eventually notice you have a reply, so you send the next part of your conversation.

Then the bot cuts in....

"Hi, what can we help you with?" and starts the security validation (and the waiting) all over again! I've gone through this procedure about 8-10 times now and frankly I'm about to give up.

Seriously is this the best there is? I've got a hub 4 I can't use, all I need is a sodding replacement power supply because they couldn't even send me the right one, and they've cut off my phone service.


This is seriously not good enough.

Virgin 1gbit - Superhub 4 modem mode --> RT-AC3200
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